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7 Day Body Detox

The Nutrition Facts, Supplement Facts & Benefits:

1-Psyllium Husks Powder (hulls) 4350mg

- A detoxifier from the throat to the colon

- Laxative for treating constipation & intestinal obstruction

- Reduce intestinal fat & purify Cholesterol in blood, clean blood & blood vessels.

2-Organic Flaxseed Oil 2000mg

• Contains plenty of Omega Fatty Acid

• Helps to detoxify blood vessels, lungs, and heart

• Help to minimize lung cancer & breast cancer

• Reducing high blood pressure, relieving chronic itchiness in the skin.

3- Black Walnut Hulls Powder 750mg

• Laxative for treating constipation & intestinal obstruction

• Reduce sweating, sweaty disease

• Help to detoxify intestinal, helminths & molds, bacteria…

4- Cape Aloe Leaf Powder (Aloe ferox) 500mg

• Helps purify Aama (Urid Acid) in the blood to minimize gout and musculoskeletal disorders (degeneration & rheumatism)

• Helps the body fight viruses, mold, and helminths.

5- Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder 600mg

• Helps to detoxify the gallbladder to limit gallbladder disease & gallbladder cancer

• Help the body consume animal fat

6- Senna Leaf Powder 100mg

• Cleanse & detox the small intestine, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, ma-colon, rectum & appendix to prevent bowel cancer.

7- Fenugreek Seed Extract 100mg

• Removing & cleansing the pancreas helps to prevent diabetes and cholesterol lowering

• Purify the respiratory system, lungs help improve sinusitis, pneumonia

8- Fennel Seed Powder 100mg

• Detox & purify the toxic gas in the stomach to make the breath smell good

• Helps the kidneys cleanse & remove toxic waste products that improve blood pressure

• Urinary tract cleansing reduces Candida Albican, E. Coli

• Phytoestrogenic substances help improve the symptoms of menstruation

• High in fiber to help you lose weight & not feel hungry.

9- Red Clover Powder (aerial earts) 50mg

• Purification of enzymes that affect prostate cancer in men, endometrial (uterine lining) in women.

• Isoflavones help slow the process of osteoporosis.

• Clearing the gallbladder, promoting production & increasing bile acid secretion, dissipates LDL (bad fat) & increases HDL (heart-healthy fat)

10- Black Cohosh Root Extract (2.5% Triterpen) 20mg

• Bright stars in medicine help purify & detoxify ovaries, uterus, regulate menstruation, reduce hot flashes

• Helps testicular purification to increase production of healthy & full sperm, reducing dream ejaculating at night.

11- Sage Leaf Powder 10mg

• Compared to Metfermin - purifying pancreas stimulates the action of Insuline, which lowers blood sugar and significantly improves diabetes.

• Helps with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, oral antiviral (Ursolic Acid) helps clean breath, gums, tongue

12- Gum Acacia 10mg

• Helps purify & brain detoxification strip to improve memory, sleep well, relieve headaches

13- Goldenseal Root (3:1 extract) 10mg

• Decontamination of stomach, spleen, intestinal infection of bacteria, virus & food poison.

14-Organic Galic Bulb Extract 50mg

* Lower bad cholesterol & booting immune system.

15- Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 60mg

16- Cayenne pepper Powder (40,000 HU/G) (fruit) 40 mg

7 Day Body Detox Register with The FDA of America

1* Eliminate wastes toxins X

2* Promotes Digestive Wellness X

3* Help Rejuvenates Organs System X

4* Kick Starts Weight Loss X


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