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Looking for a specific beauty item to help you get ready for a night out on the town? Angelcare by Dr.Danielle is the industry-leading Beauty Supply Store in Pearland, offering you all the beauty items you need to get some heads turning at your next event. Our Foundation is one of its kind, and guarantees long lasting quality. Come by the shop to get yours today.


Angelcare by Dr.Danielle has been providing Pearland clients with top of the line Supplement products, including our Deer Antler Velvet. We work with top brands to supply you only with the very best quality merchandise we think you deserve. Come by our store to start feeling the Angelcare by Dr.Danielle difference.

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Angelcare by Dr.Danielle offers clients famous brand-name beauty products at jaw-dropping result. Stop by the store to check out our broad selection of brand name Apple Stem Cell Serum products. We’ve got an impressive stock waiting for you. If you’re looking for something specific but haven’t found it on our site, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Since 2000, Angelcare by Dr.Danielle has been providing San Francisco clients with top of the line products, including our Deer Antler Velvet Gift Box. We work with top brands to supply you only with the very best quality merchandise we think you deserve. Come by our store to start feeling the Angelcare by Dr.Danielle difference.

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7 Days of Detoxification, Purifying the Whole Body

Safe, Effective Scientific Way


Master of Oriental Medicine
"The Cleaner Intestines - The Longer The Life"

Contaminated environment, unsafe food, using traditional folk remedies indiscriminately, without doctor's instructions ... causing people to accidentally or intentionally cause many health effects, even poison the body.

# 7 Day Body Detox with an absolutely safe and effective clinical study in the US has eliminated the elimination of toxic metals in the body such as:

1- Mercury / Hg accumulates in the brain (Alzheimer's - causes memory loss),

2- Cadmium / Cd (causing cancer) accumulate in the lungs, kidneys, liver by breathing, eating, drinking and using household items contaminated with Cd,

3- Copper / Cu accumulating in the liver increases liver enzymes, jaundice, fatigue, blood clotting disorders,

4- Nickel / Ni accumulates in lungs, blood, and kidneys due to direct contact with stainless steel alloys, rechargeable batteries, coins,

5- Chromium / Cr is present in dyes, paints, used in the tanning process, chromium causes allergy sensitization in the eyes that can cause blindness,

6- Carbon monoxide / Co is abundant in the air, drinking water causes headaches, cardiovascular disorders, epilepsy or death,

7- Lead / Pb accumulating in the brain, blood, liver, kidneys, bones is very toxic to the body, but we are exposed a lot through daily activities through eating, breathing in car exhaust, touching alloys, Rechargeable battery, paint, lead cause blood disorder, nervous system damage, current memory loss, forgetfulness disorder, migraine headache, chronic headache.

8- Arsenic / As is the king of poisonous species, type 1 carcinogen (liver, lung, throat, nasopharynx, bladder, kidney, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, blood pressure disorders, disorders blood sugar, genetic mutations, and Bowen's disease…) Arsenic occurs in drinking water, air, arable land, food that has been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, and in a variety of alloys. Along with many other toxins harmful to health will be eliminated from the body with just 1 simple 7-day detox!



Helps you SLIMDOWN 3 - 8 Lbs


After decades of research, Angel Care has combined 16 precious herbs in medicine to create a safe and effective detox combo for purification, renovation & renewal of all internal organs from A> Z

Now it is up to you to decide. Do you want your body to live healthy, beautiful and long live without illness?

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